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    • All racing in this series will be 1/8 mile except Sportsman, which will be 1/4 mile.
    • NHRA membership and permanent numbers are required to participate in the Summit ET Finals. Membership is encouraged but not required to enter the races.
    • Racing will be conducted in accordance with this Track's Competition Policies and Procedures.
    • Drivers can count their best races for points, two less than the total number of races conducted.
    • First or Second round buybacks will be allowed based on car entries, and buybacks will receive points for rounds won.
    • The top 25 points earners will represent Silver Dollar Motorsports Park at the NHRA Summit ET Finals. They will come from either of the three car categories, Super Pro, Pro ET or Sportsman. The distribution of spots for each class will be based on participation as determined by the number of total entries during the season. The Track will pay partial entry into the Summit ET Finals for the top 25 points earners. The ET Finals will be conducted entirely on the 1/8 mile. The 2024 ET Finals will be held at SGMP September 13th -15th
    • The Race of Champions for Super Pro, Pro ET and Sportsman will be held at the ET Finals.
    • Gold Cards will be awarded to our Track Champions in Super Pro, Pro ET, Sportsman, Juniors and Super Street. A Gold Card is good for one Racer entry into any Summit series.
    • *Weather exclusion: If 40% chance of rain is shown for the Saturday of the ET Series on the Friday prior to ET Series start, at the time of decision for how to proceed with the weekend, We will go to a prorated purse for Saturday. 

    2024 SDMP Points PROGRAM

     Why join the SDMP point’s?
    1.     You will be eligible to race at the Southeast Division 2 Bracket Finals
    2.     Top finishers in each category get payout and trophies at the season ending awards banquet

    3.     The Champion AND RUNNER UP in each category will enter points program for
    ​free the next year at SDMP.
    All racers with a permanent competition number are eligible to register for the Points Fund Program.  (ONLY RACERS WHO HAVE JOINED THE POINTS FUND WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR END OF YEAR AWARDS).  Any racer with a permanent competition number can pay a one- time, annual fee of $50 PER CATEGORY to earn points. 

    ​Juniors are free to enter point but must fill out the Entry form.

    It is not necessary to enter the Points Fund Program to race. 

    If you want to receive points in more than one category you must pay an annual fee for each category.  
    A racer can buy into the points program at any time in the season, however you will only receive points starting with the race you paid the annual fee at, fee must be paid before first round of that race and you will not receive points earned at races prior to paying the fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!!  

    If you plan on attending the year-end Division 2 bracket finals, you must obtain a valid NHRA competition number prior to the event.

    Event points are awarded as follows: 10 points for purchasing tech card. 10 points for actually teching in an eligible vehicle AND 10 POINTS FOR STAGING. 10 points are awarded for each round WON. Each class winner will receive 3 bonus points, each runner-up will receive 2 bonus point AND EACH SEMI WILL RECEIVE 1 BONUS POINT.

    Pay points  entry fee by April 7th, 2024 prior to 1st round of eliminations to receive 10 Bonus Points
    We will also award 20 Bonus Points to any racer who attends and participates at all Points races that we run 1st Round.  
    Participation means you purchased a Tech card.


    We will not be giving any refund/ tech cards back once eliminations have began or if the vehicle broke and required track clean up. If neither of the situations occured then you will recieve the difference of spectator or test and tune entry.


    Super Pro 1/8 mile 4.00-7.99:
    • Delay Device ~ Yes
    • Trans Brake ~ Yes
    • Line Lock ~ 2 or 4 wheel
    • Two Step ~ Yes
    • High Side Rev Limiter* ~ Yes  
    • Timed Throttle Stop ~ Yes
    • Air/Electric Shifters ~ Yes
    • Mufflers required ~ No
    • Open Bodied and/or open wheel vehicles permitted
    • Rear Suspension Limitations ~ None
    Pro ET 1/8 mile 5.70-9.10:
    • Delay Device ~ No (Must be removed at ET Finals.)
    • Trans Brake ~ Yes
    • Line Lock ~ Yes
    • Two Step ~ Yes
    • High Side Rev Limiter* ~ Yes
    • Timed Throttle Stop ~ No
    • Air/Electric Shifters ~ Yes
    • Mufflers required ~ No
    • No Dragsters Allowed
    • Rear Suspension Limitations ~ None

    Motorcycle 1/8 4.50 or slower: All racers in this class must meet all applicable NHRA rules.
    • Super Pro-
      • Delay boxes - Yes
      • Timed throttle stops- Yes 
      • No down track stutter boxes permitted.  
    • Pro ET -
      • Delay boxes - NO
      • Timed throttle stops - NO.  
      • No down track stutter boxes permitted.  

    Sportsman 1/4 mile 11.00 or slower: ( Summit ET Bracket Finals will still run at 12.00 or slower)
    • Delay Device ~ No
    • Trans Brake ~ No
    • Line Lock ~ Yes
    • Two Step ~ No (high-side chip only)
    • Air/Electric Shifters ~ RPM Activated only or OEM
    • Mufflers required ~ No
    • No Open Bodied and/or Open Wheel Vehicles permitted
    • Rear Suspension Limitations ~ OEM with bolt on components only

    NHRA Jr. Street program 1/8 mile and limited to 9 seconds and slower:
    • Age 13 - 16
    • Approved vehicles must be registered, insured, street-legal vehicles with mufflers and street tires.
    • NHRA Jr. Street License required

    *High side rev limiter must be used for the intended purpose (over rev protection) and not for down track speed control, etc.

    Note:  Slicks may be run in all classes.


  • No reruns prior to the quarter final round. If a winner cannot be determined by computer, then both drivers will be allowed into the following round. The race director MAY call for a rerun if needed to prevent an extra round of competition. No points will be awarded for the round in which the winner could not be determined.
  • Driver accepts track condition and both cars dial-in when car is staged. Losing drivers will not be reinstated if the posted dial-in is incorrect. Please do not stage if something is wrong. Computer printout determines race results.
  • Dial-in's must be posted before the yellow line at the bottom of staging.
  • No burnouts across starting line for cars with front brakes.
  • No sliding tires at the finish line.
  • Time runs in session, one per session this includes double entered cars running within the same class(2 entries in super pro). It does not apply to a driver who is entered into 2 classes with different tree settings(Super Pro and Pro E.t.). Open time runs will be run on Test & Tune events..
  • Bye-runs will be carried over until used. After a bye-run is used or the driver is eliminated, a bye-run will go to best reaction time from the previous round among drivers who have not had a bye-run. Bye-runs are limited to 1 per race. Broke byes do not count. A bye-run may be declined by a driver with the bye going to the next eligible driver. The bye-run will be pulled out of staging by the staging director before the semi-final round.
  • Odd staging lanes run left lane, even run right and as the staging director points to 2 cars at the head of staging, that is a pair. Cars are not considered paired until this point and no broke byes will be given until the staging director directs the two cars at the head of staging to enter the restricted area. Pairings will be drawn starting in the semi-final round(even if all competitors agree to how they are sitting in the lanes).
  • Staging Director reserves the right to change pairings at any time. This can be for a single pair or whole car field.
  • Car failure limit - 2 minutes in staging - 1 minute on track.
  • First car in line has lane choice when cars are in single file until semi-final round. For semi-final round pairing will be determined by drawing chips or cards by staging director. The exception to this rule is that all drivers with the bye-run who have to run in eliminations will have lane choice until the semi-final round.​
  • If a car wins a round and breaks, both are out. Driver cannot enter another car after eliminations have begun. Drivers can substitute another car before the first round of eliminations. After this point only cars that have made NO PASSES down the track that day may be substituted for the broke car.
  • NHRA rules are in effect. The "policies" listed here are in effect at all events conducted by Silver Dollar Raceway unless otherwise stated prior to conduct of the event.
  • Cars must have working tail lights when running at night.
  • Sportsman eliminator is foot-brake only. No trans brakes or delay boxes. Pro ET is now a "no box" class which does allow trans brakes and 2-steps but no delay box. If so equipped, prohibited devices must be rendered unusable to the satisfaction of the tech director. Compulink's "Auto Start" is used and set to NHRA specs, deep staging is allowed, but the auto start is active(we do not hold the tree except for if both drivers are going deep. in which case its both drivers responsibility to make sure the starter sees and acknowledges that both cars in that pair have deep on the car.
  • No switching lanes during eliminations. In order to insure "random pairing", drivers may not switch after committing to a lane.
  • Zero tolerance of alcohol and drugs for drivers. We reserve the right to administer a breath test when alcohol use is suspected. No alcoholic beverages or glass containers are allowed in staging lanes.
  • At least one portable dry chemical fire extinguisher of a rating of at least 12 BC will be required for each pit space per Georgia State Requirements. (See Rules of Safety Fire Commissioner 120-2-18-10). Pit space is that area occupied by each trailered race car.
  • Speed limit is 15 mph in pits.
  • If you have concerns with any Rules please confirm before making your pass.